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Sunnsonset turned 2 today!

Sunnsonset turned 2 today!

Hey fans were back!!!

Let me give you some interesting statistics real quick. There are:
Six Billion Apps Downloaded From Apple’s Appstore currently
Over 250 million i-gadgets sold ( I mean iphones, ipods and ipads in total)
For every 1 paid app there are 12 free downloaded apps which, btw, you can use as well for generating a revenue with list building and showing ads
There are over 750,000 approved apps in the apple store
Top apps/games are averaging $10,000 per DAY from downloads
Apple sold 5 million iPhones 5 over the weekend!
Apple App store generates $5.4M/day for the 200 top-grossing apps while Google generates just $679K for their top-200 grossing apps. That is almost a 8:1 revenue ratio.

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Have you heard of mobile advertising platforms like Admob, iAd, inMobi, Adfonic and others? Actually it is a similar idea to Pay per click ads from Google Adwords. Advertisers are paying somewhere from 5 cents to $7 or even $9 dollars per click to get their ads displayed. And where do you think all these millions of ads are showing up? That’s right, in your free apps!! You get paid for advertising space in your App!

It’s just like having a popular website- people would want to advertise on your website as well!

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Greenville, SC News Interview.
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imageimageDisney 4-Star Resort: Retail cost $1,941 for 5 days
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